Myths about ITIL

ITIL has been viewed as the fixer for the Industry problems over the time. Few of ITIL Myths are;
Myth 1 - ITIL quickly fixes every problem in the organization.
Fact - It brings a transition in the projects running in the organization but it takes time to improve and run properly. It cannot bring a sudden drastic change. It will improve the organization slowly and maintaining the pace with the employees of the organization.
Myth 2 - ITIL provides a set of rules that can be applied in an organization immediately.  
Fact - It requires a huge lot of time to implement the changes and change the mindsets of the people working in the organization. The employees of the organization take time to bring changes in themself and adopt the newer technologies and processes.
Myth 3 - ITIL is a tool which is used to rectify the issues and shortcomings running in software development or IT Operations. 
Fact - ITIL is a set of practices which tells what to do, not how to do. It is not a tool to rectify the issues.
Myth 4 - ITIL is for only Technological Organizations.
Fact - ITIL is for the entire business. It can be any business of any sector. It is implemented to bring a qualitative change in the organization and solve the issues in the organization.
Myth 5 - ITIL process must be implemented from the Service Strategy.
Fact - You can implement ITIL processes from anywhere you want to. It gives the best practices and you can apply those processes in the weak areas of your organization first and then you can move to other areas where you want to.
Myth 6 - ITIL is all about reading the books.
Fact - ITIL involves technology, people, processes. It cannot be implemented or practiced only if you read the textbooks of ITIL. It needs experience and also practical knowledge about how to implement the practices and where to apply those practices.
Which one did you believe in?

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