Mobile Project Management Applications That Were Buzzing Around This Year

Managing a project can be a taunting task if right tools are not used. With better tools it would be easier for project managers to keep a track of the project work flow process and also keep an eye on the discrepancies that might affect the production process. There have been many applications developed by various vendors, though all these applications were developed to simplify the process in the project management and help project managers manage their work flow process in more efficient manner. These applications were developed for desktop purpose, but with the changing trends and increase in the usage of smartphone, many vendors this year have pitched in their mobile project management applications. These applications offer project managers the feasibility to track down the process workflow even when they are on the move or commuting. Listed below are some of the mobile project management applications that created their own mark in the international market.


Asana is one such application was designed and developed for devices that run on Android and iOS platforms. This mobile project management application lets project managers with views of projects through dashboards. This application also allows project managers to share the information about project within their teams. specified groups, clients, vendors and other people related to the project.

With the help of these application on their smartphone device project managers have the privilege to plan out their job routines and also create weekly planners and share it among their team members. It also includes security features, so that the only authenticated have the access to the information. Asana can be integrated other applications as well, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Wordpress, Jira, Mailchimp, and many more.



Clarizen is another mobile project management application that has taken the center stage for its robust and scalable features. This application is also designed and developed for Android and iOS platforms. Which means it can run devices powered by Android operating system and Mac devices. If shed light on its other features this mobile application supports project portfolio management, planning, change request and case management and many other features. Clarizen also allows you to integrate with other leading platforms which include Salesforce, Google Documents, Microsoft Excel, Lotus Notes and many more.




LiquidPlanner is another mobile app that received a good reception in the global market. According to a release by the top company official, that their application was designed and developed in lieu to changing market trends. This application like many other applications supports Android and iOS platforms. This app is designed especially for information technology companies who come under mid market segment and big size departmental store establishments. It is also embedded with its own scheduling engine that allows automation of portfolio project management. This application tool also estimates project completion depending upon the inputs given and also makes risk calculations. One of the key aspects of this project management application are prioritization of work and projects with a single drag and drop mechanism. Like many other applications LiquidPlanner can also be integrated with other leading platforms available in the market.



Mavenlink is also designed and developed for Android and iOS device users.

This application has been specifically designed for in the professional services market, and its software enables planning of resource, accounting and business intelligence features. It also includes charting tools that help project managers in creating pictorial graphs of process workflow for a better and quick understanding. The company has also rolled out it new BI tools.



Trello mobile application can be deployed on devices powered by Android and iOS operating systems. This application can handle small and medium size businesses and also individual businesses. If we look at its features, it supports agile project management, task and traditional project management functionality. Apart from these it includes many utility features that keeps the business ticking. Trello can be integrated with Zapier, Usersnap, Slack, and many other platforms.



As most of the mobile project management applications Zoho also supports Android and iOS devices. It also offers traditional as well as agile project management, and provides 360-degree view of every project. Zoho features reporting tools that make use of advanced analytics, and BI. It is basically designed for small and mid segment businesses establishments. Zoho can also be integrated with leading platforms available in the market.

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