Why Delegation Is Crucial In Project Management?

Project managers carry a variety of responsibilities in their day to day job routines, and one of the important jobs they have is to delegate work among their team members. The project managers have to ensure that the right job is delegated to  the right team members. For this, project managers must have thorough knowledge about the abilities and work experience of their team members. If they do not have adequate information about their team members, then it might also lead to project failures as the jobs will not be delegated according to the caliber of their team members.
For instance, if a job task is delegated to a team member who is less experienced and do not have adequate knowledge about the project, then the team member will not be able to complete the task assigned to them in given time period . This happens because the project managers have to gain adequate knowledge on the subject and then they have to start on the actual task assigned to them. So, it is important that the project managers have good knowledge about their team members, as it would save time. This element is very crucial in project management and also increases the success rate of a project. By delegating tasks to the right team members, project managers will be able to achieve project goals and objectives in an efficient manner. Listed below are some of the important aspects of work delegation that project managers must be aware of in order to execute the project successfully.

1. Carefully Assign Jobs To The Team Members

Project managers have to carefully select team members while allocating tasks to them . They have to consider the experience they hold in similar kind of projects so that they can manage task efficiently assigned to them. If a team member is less experienced then the project managers have to assign them jobs which are less critical. If project managers do not have adequate knowledge about some task they can delegate them to the team members who have good experience working on that tasks or they are familiar with similar kind of tasks.

 2. Provide Clear Instructions to Team Members

It is important that the project managers give clear instructions to their team members while assigning the tasks to them. They have to explain them the criticality of the task and how it would affect the project success if it is not delivered in the given time frame. If the team member is relatively new to the project then the project managers can give guidance to the team members regarding how they can go about the project in order to complete the task in a given time period.

3. Set a time frame

Project managers also have to specify the time limit for a task while assigning them to the team members. Project managers must also make sure that the time limit set is practical and achievable by the team members. If the project manager sets a time limit which is not practical, then there is every possibility that the team members commit mistakes as they will be in a hurry to complete the project. This will inturn affect the quality of project and also there is a possibility that the customer might send it back again to the company and ask them to re-work on that specific task. This would be a burden on the company as they have to spend again on that specific task.

4. Equal distribution of work 

Project managers must also ensure that the work is divided equally among the team members. They should not put excess workload on one particular team member. They should delegate work according to the caliber of team members. If a team member is overloaded with work then it would increase their stress levels and decrease the work quality, which could affect the overall quality of the final product. 

5. Keep a complete track of the project
Project managers must keep a track of the activities given to the team members. They have to conduct regular team meetings with their team members and check the status of the tasks assigned to them. They can conduct these meetings every week so that they will get an accurate idea about the project status. 


Project managers have to delegate the tasks effectively to the team members as it is linked to the success of the project. When the work is delegated in an efficient manner, then it would enhance the success rate of the project and also saves time and money for the company.

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