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In any Business, productivity and quality plays an important role. Business media often describes Six Sigma as a methodology used to improve the quality of the product by spotting and eliminating the errors. Thus the changes can be minimized while manufacturing to enhance the productivity. Now, Six Sigma can be defined as a comprehensive and flexible system for achieving, sustaining and maximizing business success. 
Professionals who are well trained in all levels of Six Sigma can help the company to develop and also grow in their own professional career. Some of the advantages of SSGB training:
  • Better usage of data for guaranteed maximum profits.
  • To develop the shareholder confidence as the reliability of share-holders will lift the value of business stocks.
  • With the proper utilization of the resources, we can reduce the cost and increase the quality which results in customer satisfaction and betterment of the company.
  • Six Sigma certification increases the confidence of the employers assuring an improved drive and productivity at work.
With these, we can change short term relationship into long term partnership by which both parties can be equally benefited.    
Why Join Grey Campus?
Grey Campus offers an integrated training program on Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. The program includes:
  • 3 Days Class Room Sessions with an access for further 3 months eLearning.
  • Covers all the topics as laid down in the ASQ Six Sigma Body of Knowledge.
  • Conducts a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification exam Online and the successful candidates get a certificate

Benefits of Six-Sigma:

Though there may be various strategies, Six Sigma has its own place among them. The types of ‘business success’ you may achieve are broad because it has many proven benefits which includes
  • Productivity Improvement
  • Cost Reduction
  • Market- Share Growth
  • Customer Retention
  • Cycle time Reduction
  • Defect Reduction
  • Culture Change
  • Product/ service Development and etc.

With the above mentioned, Six Sigma can implement both DMAIC and DMADV models in a well-organized manner to support the business. 

Business professionals recommend their employees to be well versed in Six-Sigma-Green-Belt to help the customers and also in growing the business. Six Sigma helps in training the management and other selected employees. Six Sigma green belt training helps in learning ways to decrease errors and to increase returns.  It is known for best problem solving. So, Six Sigma Certification helps you in providing more options for supporting your work and in job search as well. Employers are ready to join the people with Six Sigma Green Belt training and certification.
On completion of the program:

Candidates would be able to demonstrate the tools, techniques and over all knowledge of Six Sigma Green Belt.
Would be able to gain a strong confidence level to clear the ASQ certified on Six Sigma Green Belt.
Support any Six Sigma project within an organization.

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