Six Sigma Black Belt—What Does it Take to Become One?

With superior understanding of the practices and principles of Six Sigma, and their potential to apply this knowledge for improvements in business functions and competitiveness, professionals with Six Sigma Black Belt certification and training are highly sought-after by companies, globally.
While many aspire for the role of the highly paid and highly visible Six Sigma Black Belt; it takes a lot to become one. Attaining the distinction requires a lot of time and effort and not everyone possesses the drive and qualities that are required for the cause. However, with intensive training, knowledge, and the right skills in place, it is not difficult to pass the Six Sigma Black Belt certification examination and head for a lucrative and long career. Read on for what it takes.
Personal Qualities 
The Six Sigma Black Belt certification qualifies aspirants for upper-level management roles. But then, the abilities of paying attention to details and natural leadership traits are vital for attaining excellence in these positions too. Just comprehensive training is not enough. These professionals are expected to showcase exceptional interpersonal and management skills and should be highly goal-oriented. Along with setting impeccable examples for Green Belts and all others within their organization, they should be able to motivate their team to achieve diverse company's goals.
Skills and Training
Completion of appropriate training is a must before sitting for the certification examination. The training courses for this purpose can be imparted to Six Sigma Green Belts or those with relevant experiences in the field of business process management. Though the Green Belt status is not an essential requirement for becoming a Six Sigma Black Belt, standard progression makes the process much easier. This is because the course demands some knowledge areas that are similar to Green Belt courses, more complex calculations and concept, and a higher level of understanding from students.
Proper training modules and integration of the right resources help professionals aspiring for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification, in a big way:
  • They gain valuable insights and knowledge from experts and trainers with regards to Lean Six Sigma applications and principles
  • These modules make it possible for them to access complete coursework, view lectures and take exams on schedule
  • They can use the facilities of live chat rooms, online message boards, virtual whiteboards, voice over IP (VOIP) systems and other modes of communication to communicate with instructors—anytime and from anywhere
  • The right training helps professionals’ prepare well to qualify in Six Sigma Black Belt certification examinations
Maintaining Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
After completing the necessary training and earning their certification, Six Sigma Black Belts have to commit themselves to ongoing education; for keeping their knowledge current and honing their skills in important business areas. They are also required to go through a defined number of continuing education units (CEUs), in a specified period, for obtaining re-certification. A course in Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt/ advanced Lean Six Sigma, or coursework in relevant disciplines like business analysis, project management, or organizational leadership, goes a long way maintaining Six Sigma Black Belt certification. These newly attained skills and credentials benefit professionals and their companies alike.
It Takes a Lot More....
Certified Six Sigma Black Belts are typically professionals with advanced knowledge in Six Sigma principles and methodology. Along with leading improvement projects competently (in a full-time role), they possess a thorough understanding of all Six Sigma tools and know how to interpret and implement the standard principles/ processes of Lean.
Yes, going forward in this field takes a lot more than one can imagine.....but then, it’s not impossible


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