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Staffing Management Plan

Staffing Management Plan is a part of Human Resource plan and includes:

  • Plan for staff acquisition

  • Resource calendars

  • Staff release plan

  • Staff training needs

  • Rewards and recognition

  • Compliance

  • Safety

Rewards And Recognition System

Planning a system to reward resources can be a significant effort. A project manager must be able to motivate the team, especially when working on a project in a matrix organization. Rewards and recognition is one of the most effective way to motivate and gain cooperation from your team regardless of the reporting relationship.

The reward system might include several actions such as:

  • Say thank you more often

  • Award prizes such as Team Member of the Month recognition

  • Award prizes for performance

  • Recommend team members for raises or choice work assignments

  • Send notes to team members managers about great performance

  • Plan milestone parties or other celebrations

  • Acquire training for team members

  • Adjust project to assign people to activities they have been waiting to work on or remove them from disliked activities as a reward

  • Creating a reward and recognition system requires planning in advance of starting the project work.

Resource Histogram

Resource histogram is a bar chart that shows the number of resources used per time period and where there is a spike in the need of resources.

Acquire Project Team

The inputs to the Acquire Project Team process include:

  • The project management plan: the human resource plan which is a part of the project management plan is required

  • Enterprise Environmental Factors

  • Organizational Process Assets

Acquiring the project team involves the following:

  • There could be some resources who are preassigned to the project. Knowing those resources and confirming their availability is required

  • Best possible resources should be negotiated by the project manager

  • Hiring new employees

  • Working with virtual teams

  • Managing risks of scarce resources


Some resources are assigned in advance to the project. A project manager has to work with these resources.


Some resources may have to be acquired through negotiation. To negotiate resources from within the organization, the project manager should:

  • Know the needs of the project and its priorities within the organization

  • Be able to describe the WIIFM (Whats In It For Me) to the resource manager by assisting the project manager

  • Be able to prove why the project requires the stated quality and quantity of resources. Use of network diagram and project schedule is helpful work with resource manager to deal with situations as they arise

Virtual Teams

Virtual teams do not meet face to face. Thus, you can have the best of team members from different parts of the world.

Halo Effect

The halo effect is something to be aware of when dealing with team members. There can be a tendency to rate the team members high or low on all factors due to the impression of a high or a low rating on some other specific factor.


Develop Project team is a part of project execution. The process generally results in decreased turn-over, improved individual knowledge and skills, and improved teamwork.

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