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How to prepare for the exam?

Clearing the CAPM Exam in one shot is not very easy. Serious and good exam preparation is very important to crack the exam regardless of the experience which you have. Here are some tips on how you can crack the exam in one attempt.

1. Review the CAPM examination content outline

2. Experiencing the CAPM Examination substance diagram record is a major step towards doing well in the CAPM exam.

3. Go through the study course / material offered by accredited Registered Education Providers (R.E.P)

4. Revise PMBoK at least three times by the time you appear for the exam

5. Practice multiple number of simulated tests which helps you to increase you confidence levels.

6. Set up a study plan :

Prepare a study plan that covers all the activities that further leads to Success of CAPM Certification. Try to take 2-3 simulation exams for every 2 weeks, even if you have not finished the course and based on the result adjust your study plan. Try to score 80-90% on tests this increases your confidence while you take up the exam.

7. Form a good study group:

A good study group can always be helpful. Check for the local meetings and if you don't find anything then you form a meeting.

There are huge benefits by forming a study group. Which includes something like:

  • It helps you to drive others to take up the course.

  • You can share project management experiences with one other.

  • There by it helps you in solving some questions in the CAPM Exam

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