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Role of A Project Sponsor

A sponsor is the one who provides financial resources for the project. For the purpose of PMP exam, a sponsor could also be a customer, senior management, others. Management serves as a protector of the project.

Role of A Sponsor

The role of a sponsor prior to (or during) project initiation:

  1. Advocates for or champions the project, especially while the project concept is being put together

  2. Serves as a voice for the project or spokesperson to those who do not know about the project, including upper management

  3. Gathers the appropriate support for the project

  4. Ensures buy-in throughout the organization

  5. Provides funding

  6. Provides the project statement of work

  7. Provides information regarding initial scope of the project

  8. May dictate milestones, key events, or the project end date

  9. Determines the priorities between the constraints

  10. Provides information that helps develop the project charter

  11. Gives the project manager authority as outlined in the project charter

  12. Helps organize work into appropriate projects

The role of a sponsor during project planning:

  1. Provides the project team with time to plan

  2. May review the WBS

  3. Supplies list of risks

  4. Determines the reports needed by management to oversee the project

  5. Provides expert judgment

  6. Helps evaluate trade-offs during crashing, fast tracking, and reestimating

  7. Approve the final project management plan

The role of a sponsor during project execution, monitoring and controlling:

  • Protects the project from outside influences and changes

  • Enforces quality policies

  • Provides expert judgment

  • Helps evaluate trade-offs during crashing, fast tracking, and reestimating

  • Resolves conflicts that extend beyond the project managers control

  • Approves or rejects changes or authorizes someone representing him or her to do so

  • May direct that a quality assurance review is performed

  • Clarifies scope questions

  • Works with the project manager to monitor progress

The role of a sponsor during project closing:

  • Provides formal acceptance of the deliverables

  • Supports the collection of historical records from past projects

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