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Structure of CAPM Exam

The CAPM Exam Comprises of 150 multiple choice questions. Out of these 150 questions 15 are considered as pretest questions. It means when you appear for the exam you will be asked to answer all the 200 questions but your final score will depend upon 135 correct answers. The pretest questions result will not be carried to your final score. The time allowed to complete the exam is 3 hours.

Take a quick look on the draft on the percentage of questions you can expect to see in the exam from each chapter :

PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition Chapter Percentage of Questions:

 Chapter  Percentage of questions
  3rd Chapter   15%
  4th Chapter   12%
  5th Chapter   11%
  6th Chapter   12%
  7th  Chapter    7%
  8th  Chapter    6%
  9th  Chapter    8%
  10th  Chapter    6%
  11th  Chapter    9%
  12th  Chapter    7%
  13 th  Chapter    7%
  TOTAL    100%


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