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Purpose of the Directing a Project process

The purpose of the directing a project process is to enable the project board to be accountable for the project's success by making key decisions and exercising overall control while delegating day-to-day management of the project to the Project Manager. In many ways directing a project is an essential process for PRINCE2. Because this process is used by the project board direct the project. The project manager basically look for managing product delivery. Project board will only need to get involved really in the case of exceptions. For each of those activities within directing a project. There are some inputs and outputs. We have a project to rise Asia notification and the closure notification and these are some of the ways in which the project board keep corporate or program management informed on what is happening. Beneath directing a project process, we have many inputs and outputs. Some of them are associated with exceptions, some of them are associated with all to raise the nations and some of them deliver advices or decisions that aren't given or made by the project board which will trigger closing a project process and gently speak from closing a project process of closure recommendation within directing a project and ultimately this will lead to a closure notification going back up to corporate or program manager.

Objective of Directing a Project

The objective of directing a project process is to ensure that there is an authority to initiate the project, there is an authority to deliver the project's product management direction and control provided throughout the project's life and that the project remains viable. Corporate or program management has an interface to the project.

Directing a Project process does not cover day-to-day activities of the project manager, but the activities are those of the level of management above the project manager that is the project board. The Project Board manages by exception it monitors fire reports and controls through a small number of decision points. The Project Manager will inform the board of any exceptions situation that needs to be a two-way flow of information between the Project Board and corporate or program management during the project. The Project Board should provide unified direction and guidance to the Project manager and the project board is responsible for assuring that there is continued business justification.

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