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The PRINCE2 Principles

The Principles of PRINCE2 are:

  • Continued business justification

  • Learn from experience

  • Defined roles and responsibilities

  • Manage by stages

  • Manage by exception

  • Focus on products

  • Tailor to suit the project environment

Applying the principles:

PRINCE2's principles are universal. They will always apply and on not tailored. By looking at the principles, the practitioner can understand how to adapt the theme to the environmental and project factors without losing its value so as far as applying the principles is concerned there is no tailoring.

Adapting the themes:

Adapting a theme does not necessarily mean more defying the method. In most cases, the environmental and project factors are incorporated into the project's strategies and controls. Relevant corporate program policies and standards are captured and documented in the projects. The below-mentioned management products will describe the procedures to be used on the project that will fulfill the requirements of the corporate or program organization.

Risk management strategy

  • Quality management strategy

  • Configuration management strategy

  • Communication management strategy

The level of control required will influence the formality and frequency of monitoring, reviewing and reporting and in fact the situation where a project is part of a program is a particular good instance of this because basically the project is part of program and is effectively documented into all of the strategies. The next element of the general function of tailoring that i want to look at is applying the organization's terms and language.The method may need to be adapted to incorporate the terms and language of the corporate or program organization.

For example if the corporate program or program organization uses the term 'Investment Appraisal' rather than 'Business Case', it may be appropriate to substitute the term within all of the projects documentation if that improves understanding.

Adapting the management products:

PRINCE2 provides product description outlines for the management products that require particular purpose of composition for their use by the themes and processes. In tailoring, PRINCE2 the management products may be adapted in each case it may be necessary to modify their product descriptions. For everyone involved in the project, it should remain clear as to what the purpose of the management product is? what it should comprise on? what is the quality criteria?

For example in a commercial environment the work package may need to include purchase order details and accompanying terms and conditions for the contract for the work. In general terms the management products, many organizations do adapt and adopt their own templates often based on the standard PRINCE2 templates. For most or in some cases or of the management products this may include at least putting a company logo standard heading document reference and so on within each of those management products.

Adapting the roles:

PRINCE2's organization structure needs to be carefully considered for all projects. For example for a project in a program environment responsibility for the benefits review plan may lie with the program therefore, this responsibility should be removed from the executives role description. However, the responsibilities for performing activities may change (if any roles have been adapted) and any references to the management products may need to change (if any of the management products are been adapted).

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