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PMI Talent Triangle

This focuses on 3 key skill sets for a project manager

  1. Technical project management

  2. Leadership

  3. Strategic and business management

A project manager is a leader and a manager.

Recent PMI studies applied the Project Manager Competency Development (PMCD) Framework to the skills needed by project managers through the use of The PMI Talent Triangle® shown in below figure.

pmp talent triangle

The talent triangle focuses on three key skill sets:

  1. Technical project management

    The knowledge, skills, and behaviours related to specific domains of the project, program, and portfolio management. The technical aspects of performing one’s role.

  2. Leadership

    The knowledge, skills, and behaviours needed to guide, motivate, and direct a team, to help an organization achieve its business goals.

  3. Strategic and business management

    The knowledge of and expertise in the industry and organization that enhanced performance and better delivers business outcomes.

While technical project management skills are core to program and project management, PMI research indicates that they are not enough in today’s increasingly complicated and competitive global marketplace.

Organizations are seeking added skills in leadership and business intelligence.

Members of various organizations state their belief that these competencies can support longer-range strategic objectives that contribute to the bottom line.

To be the most effective, project managers need to have a balance of these three skill sets.


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