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Schedule Management Overview

A project managers key responsibility is to create a realistic project schedule. Before the project execution begins, the project manager should identify if the planned end date is achievable. There are several project management software available in the market. The project managers can use this software to assist with scheduling in their real-life projects. However, for clearing the PMP exam, you must thoroughly understand the process of scheduling a project. You must also know the process of manually drawing the network diagram to answer questions about network diagrams and scheduling. The reason why PMP takes into consideration the manual process of drawing network diagrams and performing schedule points to the fact that the available scheduling software cannot do a project manager’s job. They can prove to be extremely helpful for doing several project management activities, however, cannot really manage the project.

Each project is unique and this software just can’t adapt to the uniqueness of the project needs. It was identified that making a list is not appropriate as compared to creating a WBS. Most of these project management software suggest the creation of a list of activities and assigning a start and end date to each of the activities. If we are an avid user of these project management softwares and do not know the real process of creating schedules, there is a likelihood that we may get most of our questions wrong.

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