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The GreyCampus Blog

A dedicated blog for professional certifications across world. GreyCampus provides abundant resources on professional certification like PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL and more.

The Next Stop For Big Data In Travel Industry

Big Data is changing the way business is done in all industry segments. Travel as an industry is not left untouched too. In this blog post we will look at few trends of early adopters of Big Data in Travel industry. We will also look at what else needs to be done to retain and maintain these early advantages.

Benefits Of Big Data For A Better ROI

The benefits of Big Data can make a company successful and improve their services. We focus on five industry segments that use the big data analytics to create reports. These give insights which help them make more streamlined processes and grow their business.

Challenges in Monitoring Apache Spark

What do you use for quick and real time data processing? Apache Spark? You need to have basic knowledge on it. It has 4 modes Standalone, Mesos, Yarn and Spark Worker. Find out the challenges faced by using it.

Big Data- The Creator Of Big Job Opportunities

As per a research by Forbes, Big Data is on its way to becoming a movement. It is not a mere buzzword anymore. The industry is set to grow endlessly in the future. Read about the prospects of big data and how you can tap into this growing market.

Best Big Data And Business Analytics Companies In 2016

Every industry needs big data analytics to analyze the massive amounts of data they collect. This has given rise to a flood of companies with business analytics tools and platforms. If you are looking for a change in your career, here is our list of the best Big Data and business analytics companies to work for in 2016.

How To Bag Top Big Data Jobs

The big data market has grown exponentially the last few years with the demand for big data skill growing by almost 96.2% in 2016. In the current job market people with big data skills - data scientists, analysts or managers, are the most sought after. Read through our “must-have” skills decide if you are ready for the top big data job or not!

Top 10 Don’ts Of Big Data Project

Do you manually install Hadoop and its parts on your own? A lack of clear cut enterprise strategy to using a HDFS file system, your practices could be unwittingly damaging your big data project. Avoid these common wrong practices to significantly increase your profitability and make your project a success

Top 10 Big Data Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared For

Big Data experts took some of the highest salary paychecks in 2015. There are numerous companies using big data tools but there are not enough experts with the skills needed to mine the data. If your looking for a change big data is the way to go. Here are 10 interview questions to get you started.