Jumpstart your salesforce career with 5 simple steps min

Jumpstart Your Salesforce Career In 5 Simple Steps

Salesforce is the new technology on the block making waves in the CRM sector. More than 100,000 companies of all sizes across the world are using Salesforce to power their customer facing solutions. There is an abundance of opportunity for both IT and non IT professionals aspiring to make a career out of Salesforce. Past relevant experience definitely matters but it is not the only requirement to make an inroad into this domain. A certification in Salesforce will help you jumpstart your career in this field of expanding opportunities.

A study puts the number of Salesforce jobs at 1.9 million by the end of 2020. A sizeable number of Fortune 500 companies are actively seeking professionals to join them. With the plethora of opportunities it can get confusing to understand how to get to your dream career break. In this blogpost, we will look at 5 simple steps to help you do just that.

Step 1 – Sign up for a training

Any new technology is best learnt in a supportive environment. This is exactly what we offer in our Salesforce System Administrator - Online Self Learning. The course is designed in a way that it helps even new admins master the salesforce administrator concepts. It helps even non-IT professionals to prepare and crack the sales force administrator certification. Course content is designed in line with the official exam guide of Salesforce. Our trainers are chosen through rigorous selection process. Training like the one we offer at Grey Campus will help you all the way in your salesforce career.

Step 2 – Get a playground account

The next step towards your Salesforce career is to learn. The best way to learn is by creating a free Admin Account. This provides you access to all the features and functionalities of Salesforce. It is of extreme importance to be acquainted with them. I mean, if you don’t know what it is all about, then how are you going put it to use? Moreover these admin accounts are free and generally last a lifetime, even if you sign in once in every six months. If you are serious about a Salesforce career, you should get yourself an admin account, experiment with its features, build, install and create code. This step is an absolute must.

Step 3 – Get certified

Getting a valid Salesforce certification is a must. There are no two ways about it. There are multiple ways to get the certification though! A good first step in Salesforce certification is to understand what it involves. Read up all about it to get a fair understanding of the effort involved. Once this bit is done, it important to identify a training center that will help you with the certification. Choosing a certification partner like GreyCampus is a big push in this direction. Our instructor led Salesforce trainingwill help you with ADM 201 certification. We have an online self-learning Salesforce System Administrator that helps new admins get a foothold.

Step 4 – Be seen and heard

Once you get your Salesforce certification, you should focus your efforts on being seen and heard in the Salesforce community. Most active members of this community are also highly active on social media channels, especially twitter. Be part of the discussion threads on these channels. Do your bit of homework on the topics being discussed. Phrase your answers to be part of these online discussions. A very good way to be heard is to start your own blog. You are anyways learning a lot. Pen your learning into simple and easy to read blogs. You will help a whole lot of people like you. This blog might land you your job too!

Step 5 – Gain some experience

All learning is on one side and experience is on the other. There is no substitute to getting your hands dirty in a real life project that needs Salesforce. There are a lot of pro-bono opportunities available for Salesforce professionals. If you are new to this domain and want to get relevant experience, sign up for volunteer jobs. Most volunteer based organizations have interesting situations but no budgets for jobs related to Salesforce. You will be able to use all the knowledge you gained to solve these situations. The good karma will not take long to come back to you as your dream Salesforce job! Well, on a serious note, gain some experience.

While you are busy doing all these, it is important to create a resume that will showcase your abilities to prospective employers. Share the resume in dedicated communities of Salesforce.  A good foundation in the basics of Salesforce, couple with a certification like the one from Greycampus along with relevant experience will definitely land you a dream job. All the best!

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