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The GreyCampus Blog

A dedicated blog for professional certifications across world. GreyCampus provides abundant resources on professional certification like PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL and more.

7 Things To Check Before Taking Up An ITIL - Foundation Course

ITIL-Foundation is the ideal course for every professional who wants to make a career in the ITSM sector. But, do you know how to pick the right course when there are hundreds of courses available? Read more to know the questions you need to ask before you pick the right course.

5 Unmissable Reasons To Get An ITIL Certification

There are all kinds of certifications that are available in the field of IT today. The ITIL certification is one of the most sought after ones. There are multiple reasons for it. This blog post will take you through some unmissable reasons why you should take up an ITIL certification.

Top 3 Benefits Of ITIL Certification

Why do we need the ITIL Foundation Certification? Does it really matter if I am certified? We present you the main benefits on why you should get your ITIL Foundation certification.

Critical Questions To Ask Before ITIL Implementation

IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework that is not a one size fits all. It is important to know if ITIL is the solution you want. Are you running after an ITIL implementation in the pursuit of imaginary benefits? Are you looking at ITIL as a key agent in service delivery with measurable improvements factored in? These and more questions need to be answered before you deep dive into ITIL implementation.

How To Align IT Services Based On Business Needs?

ITIL processes are designed to align with the business needs of a company. It does not matter whether the company is big or small. It lays the foundation for creating minimum competency levels and goes all the way up creating streamlined processes for business growth.It helps deliver value by integrating the company strategies with evolving business projects.

Why ITIL Change Management Is Necessary For A Business Process

ITIL Change Management follows a process based approach for minimizing operational risks. It uses standardized procedures that enable less disruption of IT services and lowers risk associated with making a change. It includes well defined roles for every team member and sets tasks on priority. This enables the process to be highly productive and ensures satisfied customers.

Key Concepts in ITIL : CSI & KPI

This article casts light on ITIL concepts with special reference to Key Performance Indicators and Critical Success Factors. It clarifies the differences between KPIs and CSFs and aims to show the distinctions between the oft incorrect and ambiguous versions prevalent in a common workplace

How Service Portfolio Management Supports IT Business Goals?

Every company today would want to arrive at smart business investment decisions to make profit and attain a competitive edge over others.Read this article to know how Service Portfolio Management helps a company validate their investment decision by offering intelligent insights.

Trends in ITSM in 2015

In current scenario, the landscape in IT service provision is shifting day by day. Users are demanding high level of customer service and the level of customer service an IT industry provides is becoming a competitive advantage. Read this blog to know about it and the growing trends in ITSM.

Release and Deployment Management

Know how an IT service is transitioned from test to production environment in the prevailing scenario. Almost every organization has change management process but very few have a defined release and deployment management. Do you know the primary objectives of release and deployment management?