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The GreyCampus Blog

A dedicated blog for professional certifications across world. GreyCampus provides abundant resources on professional certification like PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL and more.

ITIL Change Management Roles and Responsibilities

Are you interested to know about the ITIL Change Management? Basically changes are controlled through a change management system. Change Manager, Change Advisory Board, Emergency Change Advisory Board are the roles in the change management.

How CMDB Project Goal islinked to Benefits

How do you think CMDB Project Goals are linked to Benefits? The evaluations don’t have to be accurate. However, it should have meaningful information to all important investors, stakeholders and others. There should be connection between difficulties of project objectives and the precise benefits.

Best Practice Frameworks Research Work

Do you know that ITIL’s complete and matured methodology to IT service delivery has helped many organizations develop IT processes that support key business processes? By following the best practices any corporation can deploy ITIL effectively, and at a speed suited to their requirements.

An Introduction to ITIL Change Management

Do you know how to manage change in the IT sector? What would you do if you see at a certain stage that your project might not be successful? Here we have an Introduction to ITIL Change Management. Today’s organization needs to be flexible and adaptive to be a part of the competitive market.

Business Impact of CMS – Complete Guide

Are you interested to business impact of extensive configuration management system (CMS)? There are different objectives behind it. Like, making the most of the business, supporting IT Critical Services are more. Read this article to understand the complete guide of CMS.

How to Successfully Map Project Goals with CMDB Benefits

Do you know that you can map project goals with CMDB? The main advantage of CMDB is that it is linked to comprehensive access to statistics. The continuous gathering, understanding, and preservation of CI data make the facts reliable and operational.

Guide to create IT Service Model Blueprint

Do you know how CMDB can support a range of compliance activities in organizations? Do you know what is needed for your CMDB? Are you aware of analyzing and supporting best practices? Here we have the Guide to create IT Service Model Blueprint.

A Guide to ITIL Incident Management

If the internet at your home stops working, this means an incident has occurred. Incident management process focuses on restoring the service to the customer as quickly as possible within the agreed service level limits and minimizing any adverse impact on the business. Know more about ITIL Incident Management.

Challenges of Continual Service Improvement

If you are looking forward to bring continuous service improvement in IT service management and processes then you must be ready for the challenges. The challenges are; integrating CSI into business, absence of problem solving model, lack of resources and more. Know details of “Challenges of Continual Service Improvement.”