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A dedicated blog for professional certifications across world. GreyCampus provides abundant resources on professional certification like PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL and more.

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ITIL is aligned with various international quality standards including ISO/IEC 20000 (IT Service Management Code of Practice) and has been adopted by thousands of organizations worldwide, such as NASA, the UK National Health Service (NHS) and Disney.

Why do we measure Continual Service Improvement?

Continual Service Improvement is a major framework in ITIL®. It mainly focuses in maintaining and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT processes and services. It uses the methods of Quality Management in order to learn from past success and failures. Continual Service Improvement is measured by the organizations many a times. We measure the Continual Service Improvement for many reasons.

Levels of ITIL Certification

ITIL Certification has got 5 levels namely, ITIL Foundation Level ITIL Intermediate Level ITIL MALC Level ITIL Expert Level ITIL Master Level Let us see how one can reach the ITIL Master's level from ITIL Foundation Level


ITIL gives the industry best practices for the IT Service industries. Do you know that ITIL is good for you in your IT Service career or not. You will be having many queries on ITIL. Let us discuss the popular queries that people have about ITIL here in this article.


ITIL, name itself indicates that it is a set of library used to implement the infrastructure of IT service management. ITIL is an internationally familiar practice which had been accepted in the advancement of IT management and IT services.


ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library which is one of the most popular certification courses among IT professionals. ITIL Foundation is the entry level qualification which gives you a basic knowledge of the key elements used in the ITIL.

ITIL Best Practices

Do you know about the ITIL Best Practices? If you are working in the IT sector then ITIL certification will help you brighten your career. It is an ideal course for professionals who are future IT managers. Are you ready to take up the certification?

Myths about ITIL

ITIL has been viewed as the fixer for the Industry problems over the time.There are certain myths about ITIL like quickly fixes every problem in an organization, ITIL provides a set of rules that can be applied in an organization immediately etc..Read about these myths here in this article.


ITIL Foundations is an important certification for the IT Professionals and employees who are looking forward to a better career in IT and want to get more knowledge in IT. All organizations are following the ITIL process to adapt to the changes in the business world. ITIL Foundation is just a start of a long journey. How to crack ITIL Foundation Exam in one shot? Read this below article to know about the tricks and steps to be followed during the exam preparation.

ITIL® Certification

The goal of ITIL is to describe the process, procedure, plan and tasks those of which are not specific to an organization, are used for establishing integration with strategy for the organization to deliver high value and maintain a competency level.