Pokemon Go – Its Effect On Us

Pokemon Go was released only a few days ago, and you might have actually become obsessed with the game, or are simply irritated with all the discussions that have been going around regarding this game. Nintendo’s all new Android and Apple game is a real world Pokemon collecting game. You can also battle with other players, and even team up with local players to take over a certain area to collect Pokemons. 

The game not only encourages players to leave their couch and go outside their house, it also acts as an inspiration of feel good news stories and a lot of good deeds pertaining to the players. The game received a lot of negative criticism from the media, as well as suffered some server problems. But even so, it has received some wonderful reviews on the App stores as well as various online forums. So if you are in the mood for finding out how Pokemon GO can be beneficial for you, we will now look at certain effects Pokemon GO has had on people. Read on to find out more.

Many researchers and health experts have conducted several studies and have come to the conclusion that when an individual is exposed to nature and the surrounding environment, there are certain positive changes in that person’s mental health. These studies also came up with the conclusion that the connection people share with shared gaming or with multiplayer video games has a positive effect on our entire physiology, including our brain and mental capacity. 

The exact scientific language of these findings may seem to be a bit complex, but what we can tell you is that both these two concepts together make up the Pokemon GO mobile game. The main aspect of this game is that players will have to wander around outside their homes. But for those special few, who believe in the decades old Pokemon tagline of GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL, then they need to find different locations every day to find and catch different Pokemons in the game. Many players are of the opinion that waterways, green spaces and parks are perfect for anyone who wants to catch rare Pokemons, and it has been seen that almost all parks can be considered as PokeStops, that is, places where catching Pokemons becomes easy.

Once the game was launched, several individuals, who were patients of chronic anxiety and depression, claimed that playing the game has brought about a flurry of change in their mental health condition. The game has gotten people who are forced to stay at home due to depression to leave their homes and go out on a Pokemon finding quest. Getting out of the house for hours and feeling the presence of the natural environment always has a positive effect on the mind and body. 

It is extremely vital that we do not overestimate the benefits of the Pokemon GO game, but a noteworthy point here is that researchers have proven beyond any doubt that the use of such technology can decrease the levels of stress and depression. The main benefit of the game here is the improvement it causes to the mental health of a person.There is just one side effect associated with playing Pokemon GO. Any person can pick you out as a Pokemon GO player quite easily. Players can be seen hanging around in gyms, in parks, and various other places, with their heads buried in their smartphones, trying to find rare Pokemons. These people stick out like a literal sore thumb.  

But even after this side effect, people are actually planning meetups and group Pokemon hunting campaigns to make the game even more interesting, and keep it that way. Pokemon GO has actually become a nice way for players to meet other players, almost every day.


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Shivam J


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