7 Tips to Max out Productivity at Work

Who according to you is the most productive resource at work? The following are the answers that are heard often.

  • Obviously it’s me!

  • It’s just not me!

  • Definitely not my boss! He/she only bosses around!

  • The Coffee Machine!

Yes, the Coffee Machine. This humble equipment is undoubtedly the most productive resource at work space. Surprised? Let’s look at a few facts.

  • The coffee machine ALWAYS gives the same output no matter how much pressure.

  • The coffee machine ALWAYS is consistent with its output no matter how many changes.

  • The coffee machine ALWAYS responds to requests of more work (coffee) and with no complaints.

These are just a few facts, there are more, I am sure. The internet will be replete with other such wonderful facts. Unfortunately, not all of us can be like the coffee machine. That is why you and I need to understand how to keep our productivity high and hopefully ALWAYS!

Let’s look at few important productivity tips that will help you in the long run, in the run to success.

Write it down

Write the tasks you have in the day on a piece of paper. Put it where you can see it.

This tip will sound like you have heard it a zillion times from time immemorial. Well, you have heard it so many times for a simple reason – it works! Like magic!

When you write things down, it helps you exactly know what is it that you got to accomplish today. When you write it and put it where you can see, it helps you stay focused. These simple things will really go a long way in keeping your productivity up for the whole day. This practice when practiced regularly will keep your work weeks and years productive too. Considering the benefits, this is a tip you should start with RIGHT NOW!

Focus on one at a time

You got your task list up on the wall, where you can see it all day. Prioritize these tasks based on urgency or importance or any other factor that drives your work. Once this bit is done, go at these tasks like a horse with blinkers. Take one task a time and finish it. It is a lot more satisfying to see a task come to completion than jumping from one to another. Multi-tasking might sound aspirational but it can get a little tiring.

Organize your work space

Have you seen work desks of people where you can barely see the worker? Piles of papers and files sit on top of a desk hiding the person who is supposed to do something about this pile. Does it give you an impression of a person who is busy? Does it make you feel like wanting to go to that desk? No!!! I thought so too.

Keeping a clean and organized work space is a big push for productivity. When you declutter your work desk, you declutter the space in which you work. Believe me, this has a huge impact on your mind. It’s as good as scrubbing your-self clean after a feisty paint ball fight. So, keep your desk clean and organized.  It will do wonders to your productivity. Plus, it is a welcoming sight!

Take a break

You sit at your desk and you just lose yourself for the whole day. This is probably your boss’s ideal work world. It really cannot happen like this every day. An occasional work day like this gives you a high. But, if you have to work like this the whole day the whole week the whole year, high chances that you will end up in an asylum.

Take a break. Make it count. Take a walk around your workspace or feed your gold fish. Do whatever, just take a break. The break gives you the much needed ability to get back to your tasks with full focus. There are umpteen studies on the internet that support that a human mind can only focus on something diligently for a maximum of 45 minutes. If you plan, prioritize, declutter and work on your tasks, you can accomplish a lot in 45 minutes.

Drink at work, water!

It is a good idea to drink at work. Before you get your hopes high, the drink I am referring to is water! Plain old H2O! No other chemicals. Yeah, you can add a few sprigs of mint or celery or whatever herb goes well with you. The point is to stay hydrated. It helps your body cope with the long hours of work and stay productive.


Breathe and breathe full between your tasks. You will be surprised that 99.99% of people (including you) don’t really breathe properly. A full deep breath does wonders to your work. It brings in a burst of energy that you can use at work. It erases the frown on your forehead and helps you see through tricky situations. Don’t believe me? Just breathe! You will notice all these for yourself.

Learn to say a polite no

I have kept this tip towards the end of this blog post. The reason – it is something people hesitate to do but should do! Many times, you have your day all worked out, when a colleague walks by for a favor/help. It is a good thing to help but not at the cost of your productivity. Learn to say no. Say it sweetly. Say it politely, but say it. You cannot make everyone happy all the time. You are not a Coffee Machine! 

- Author
Shivam J


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