10 Reasons To Get A CCNA Certification

Want to get CCNA certified? Well! The CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) will serve as a foundation pillar in your IT career. Offered by Cisco, it is a beginner level certification in networking that uses Cisco technologies and products. 

Unveiling the Professional Advantages of CCNA    

Cisco certification is a process that whips up benefits for employers and employees in the IT industry. Many aspirants have witnessed positive changes in their career graphs after acquiring the CCNA certification. This certification process helps them achieve some real benefits and valuable skills. There are numerous instances wherein IT professionals have felt the necessity of having a CCNA certificate – even after having 10 or more number of years of experience in the IT field. 

So ITians! Get ready to get CCNA certified, so that in your networking career, you do not face a day when you may end up losing your favorite job. Here, we are presenting 10 reasons that justify why you cannot go a long way without a CCNA certificate in the current IT scenario.

The Top 10 Reasons to get a CCNA Certificate Revealed!

  1. The CCNA certification is accepted all around the world.
  2. Professionals armed with the coveted CCNA certificate are entitled to get higher paying jobs when compared to their non-certified counterparts. 
  3. Nowadays, more CCNA jobs are available globally, and to get one easily, possessing the CCNA certificate is a smart choice.
  4. CCNA certification processes are enhancing the knowledge base of networking experts – and in many more ways than one!
  5. Are you working in an IT firm at present? A CCNA certification would surely increase your chances of getting a promotion. 
  6. You aspire to get more respect from all your co-workers? You can make this dream turn into a reality if you have the CCNA certificate.
  7. If you also believe that the Internet will continue dominating the future, then, it is a wise idea to get the CCNA certificate tag on yourself before you start serving the network. 
  8. The knowledge gathered through CCNA can be efficiently used for studying other networking modules; such as CCNA security and CCNA wireless. 
  9. The CCNA certificate would unquestionably help you switch from your existing job to a better paying and more challenging networking job. 
  10. The knowledge acquired through the CCNA certificate will help you solve more problems in networking.

Upgrading your Demand in the Computer Networking Field

Employers crave for the best qualified candidates; it is as simple as that! 

  • Around the world, 93% of employers are of the notion that Cisco certified employees add more value to their business, and are more knowledgeable than their non-Cisco certified job aspirants.
  • It is exclusively required by Cisco partners that they employ people with CCNA certification. Due to this reason, Cisco certification is observed as a prerequisite by the employers of many businesses. 

Clearly, all these reasons state that once you acquire the CCNA certification, you are “in-demand” within the IT industry – instantly!

Do You Really Need the CCNA Certificate?

Oh yes! Even if you have a first class or even above 90% marks in your graduation! This is because your marks do not prove that you possess hands-on incredible IT skills. So, how are you going to depict these skills in your job application?

  • Remember! The employers out there are bound to take their decisions on the basis of certain limited information. If they find the official CCNA certification in your portfolio, they feel assured that you have achieved competence in the IT field.
  • Another essential fact – Say, you happen to be one of two candidates shortlisted for a tough IT job, and both of you have the same level of work experience, then the one who possesses the CCNA certificate would emerge as the winner!  

Examinations to Get CCNA Certification 

For possessing the CCNA certification, you are required to validate your skills by passing any of the following exams: 

CCNA 640-801 exam- Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies and Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices, or, the CCNA 640-821 exam Intro Beta- Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies and CCNA 640-811 ICND exam- Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices.

Way Forward

For ensuring good performance in any of the above mentioned exams, enroll yourself for an appropriate CCNA training program. Along with signing up for a CCNA training program led by a competitive instructor, it is also advisable to follow web based self study material and theoretical books.

Are you ready for this challenge? Get yourself the CCNA certification – you will be glad you did!

- Author
Shivam J


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