7 Ways in Which a Bootcamp Will Help You up Your Lean Six Sigma Game in 2021

Did you know that most bootcamps are quite thorough and usually provide short-term training? Students usually enroll in these programs to learn technical skills and access career-ready courses. If you are looking for a rapid program to gain Lean Six Sigma certification, a Lean Six Sigma bootcamp would be a great option as it uses the required methodology and curriculum required for it.  When you enroll in a Lean Six Sigma course, you will learn that it specializes in a single or numerous Six Sigma belts.

When you receive a Lean Six Sigma certification and training, you can qualify for various job openings such as Project Manager, Continuous Improvement Specialist, Six Sigma Consultant, and several engineering positions. What’s best about acquiring an LSS certification is that its pay packages are better than their non-certified variant. Besides the Six Sigma and Lean courses, businesses all across the world abide by Lean Six Sigma methods, making it a valuable asset. 

You can become incredibly valuable with an LSS certification by your side. It can open doors for a variety of job opportunities in different industries and eventually elevate you to managerial positions. With so much upside, there is no denying that a Lean Six Sigma certification is incredibly valuable for 2021.

1) A Bootcamp Will Help You With Active Learning

An LSS curriculum has a lot more to offer than academic knowledge. You will get to do a lot of “real work”, which will ultimately improve your understanding of lean six sigma. What’s more, a Lean Six Sigma bootcamp pays special emphasis on functional knowledge by exposing you to several projects and tests that will help you in your job. This type of active learning increases real-world skills like determining process gaps, comprehend business processes, figuring out anomalies, project management, and incorporating corrective measures.

2) Organized Study Map

Participating in a bootcamp will not only give you access to renowned techniques and tools but also offer a structured study map. An essential Six Sigma tool known as “DMAIC” is the perfect showcase of this organized learning approach. DMAIC is short for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control, and it is a proven approach to help you improve consistency and avoid any roadblocks in the way. 

3) A Polished Curriculum

You will learn various elements of Six Sigma methodologies after enrolling in an LSS bootcamp. For example, the GreyCampus LSS Black Belt training program establishes a strong base of DMAIC and Lean Enterprise while providing you a thorough overview of the Six Sigma training. Here are the sections you will find in the DMAIC structure:

  • Define - Voice of Customer, Critical to Quality, SIPOC, project charter etc.
  • Measure - Data collection, analysis, accuracy, precision, measurement system analysis etc.
  • Analyze - Inferential statistics, hypothesis testing with normal and non-normal data etc.
  • Improve - Lean tools, mistake proofing, pilot implementation, simple linear regression, multiple regression analysis etc.
  • Control - Lean controls, statistical process controls, and six sigma control plan.
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The syllabus consists of a training course aligned with the IASSC exam (who also offer the certification).

4) Training from Industry Recognized Professionals

One of the biggest benefits of joining an LSS bootcamp is that you will receive regular guidance from certified practitioners with years of experience. These instructors will provide you live solutions and guidance, helping you up your game for 2021. 

5) Career Advancement

You may be wondering how Lean Six Sigma will affect your career. Well, it can improve your current resume by tenfold, increasing your chances of getting employed in various industries. You’d be surprised to learn that individuals with a Six Sigma Certificate can earn as high as $1,00,00 per year. 

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6) Detailed Practice Exams

LSS course exams are unlike traditional ones. The sessions are mostly interactive and require on-the-spot problem-solving. You will have certified mentors by your side who will help you determine the right strategies to ace your exams. What’s more, these simulated exams give you a better understanding of Lean Six Sigma processes while notifying you about your strengths and weaknesses (and who to address them).

7) Interactive Communities and Forums

The corporate world highly values Lean Six Sigma certifications. Once you receive your certification, you will become part of a global community of professionals in different forums. You will even receive support from certified peer groups and experts during the course, which will help you clear doubts and resolve any other issue regarding your curriculum. You can also receive real-time support from GreyCampus’s helpful support team.

Popular Lean Six Sigma Training Bootcamps

Here are the Six Sigma courses, certifications, and courses offered by GreyCampus

  • GreyCampus Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

This training lays the groundwork for Six Sigma methodology by teaching you its fundamentals. After you get your certificate, become a project member and utilize Lean Techniques and tools. You will also get access to video and audio lectures for an entire year, with forty hours worth of study material. Participants will also get ten PMI PDUS (Project Management Institute – Professional Development Units), simulated exams, an optional IASSC exam, and a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

This exam aligned course uses the DMAIC methodology along with access to a bootcamp that will help you improve your quality management skills. There are simulated exams, blended learning modules, and 35 PMI PDUS to help you with complicated improvement projects. Once again, there will be LSS certified instructors to guide you through the exams and to offer interactive training sessions. You will also receive four simulated tests along with access to handy training manuals to help you take hold of Green Belt projects with high efficiency.

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

This IASSC exam aligned course will qualify you as a quality manager with a world-renowned pedigree. The black belt course will improve your lean thinking qualities, allowing you to reduce wastage and identify various anomalies. Enrolling in this course will give you a six-month access to bootcamps. The three simulated exams on this course will help you master your skills, preparing you for real-world job scenarios.

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You can also avail of LSS Green and Black combo certification and training to become a master of every Lean concept, DMAIC model, and Six Sigma Methodologies. The Green and Black combo case provides 80 PMI PDUS, immersive training (5 days), exam solving presentation and access to simulated tests, practice questions, lectures, and a lot more. 

Common Lean Six Sigma Questions You May Want to Ask

1) What is better PMP or Six Sigma?

Six Sigma certifications and LSS are perfect for quality assurance roles whether it is finance, manufacturing, or service. Once you start progressing through the Six Sigma belts, you will get a better understanding of Six Sigma methodologies. PMP certifications are usually ideal for project manager roles. It would be best if you opted for dual qualification to avail the most benefit. 

2) Who should opt for Lean Six Sigma training bootcamps?

Whatever your career aspirations are, joining an LSS training bootcamp will only help. It will equip you with essential skills and confidence to participate and lead projects. 

3) Will Lean Six Sigma help me get a job?

You will learn performance optimization techniques with Lean Six Sigma. These will prove to be quite relevant in almost any industry. Elementary certifications offer fundamental knowledge about LSS concepts while the advanced courses will help you get recruited for quality control positions. 

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4) Does it matter where you get your Six Sigma Certification?

You must consider several aspects when choosing an institute for your Six Sigma certification. The amount of PMI PDUS, e-learning courses, and their duration are important considerations for choosing the right institution. GreyCampus LSS and Six Sigma certifications offer these benefits and a lot more, to make you a certified Six Sigma professional. 

LSS certifications offer tons and tons of tangible benefits to the individual participating in it and the organization they go to. It instills a culture of continuous improvement that emphasizes building strong management and leadership skills. You will significantly boost your resume’s quality and professional repertoire by getting an LSS certification. Six Sigma knowledge will help you quickly climb the corporate ladder, carving out a career path that is sure to be worth your while. 

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