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The GreyCampus Blog

A dedicated blog for professional certifications across world. GreyCampus provides abundant resources on professional certification like PMP, Six Sigma, ITIL and more.

Top 15 books to gear up for a Six Sigma Certification

Still searching for a guide/handbook to prepare for the Six Sigma Certification? Here, we present to you 15 best books to read for your reference. Choose from a wide range of books to gear up for your preparation and learn how to implement the best practices, and improve business processes by eliminating the causes of errors to a considerable extent.

Top 51 things you should know about Green Belt Certification

The Green belt certification is the most popular and widely followed certification. This article covers what a Green belt certified professional should know from the eligibility criteria to the career opportunities, the skills required to salary earned and various other aspects involved.

How do you determine the Root Cause?

How do you understand a problem and resolve it? How do you figure out and act upon it? You can use many tools for your support and this article helps you to understand what is a root cause analysis and why do you need it while providing you with the best tools to use.

Six Sigma in Service Sector – A Comprehensive Review

Six Sigma in manufacturing sector has been a credible story. But what about the other industries? How can Six Sigma be applied in the service industry? This article addresses the misconception surrounding six sigma by reviewing the benefits of implementation in various industries especially the Service sector.

Lean Six Sigma methodologies: How do they improve Health Care industry?

Health care expenses in the United States are growing at an exponential rate. Policy makers are trying to find ways to reduce the cost. This blog focuses on the concepts of integrated Lean Six Sigma framework and on strategic methods to innovate and decrease health care operational costs. The main focus areas are rationalizing the processes and eliminating the waste.

8 Fatal Lean wastes: How to Identify them?

This specific article tells you something more than just explaining the 8 wastes and their reducing techniques of Lean Six Sigma. He gives you the solution to each problem in real life and also puts forward how the Multinational manufacturing companies like Intel, John Deere etc. overcame these waste to become one of the best.

Data Types In Six Sigma Measure Phase

Six Sigma is a statistical approach which aims at achieving breakthrough improvement by reducing variation and defects. One of the most common six sigma framework is the DMAIC approach.

5 Quality Management Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

Five key trends in quality management which are going to impact any industry. Quality practitioners need to watch out for what's trending in this space. This helps them to identify the weak links and align themselves to these changes.