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Data Visualization – How Best To Do It?

February 06, 2017

Data is important. More important is the story it tells. To ensure your data is telling the story you have in mind, you will need to know tips on Data Visualization. This blog post is all about those important and oft neglected tips that make your data st

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How To Identify And Respond To Project Risks – A Brief Overview

February 02, 2017

Information security can help an organization have a competitive edge in the business world. The 3P's of information security - Processes, Policy and Procedures can prevent loss of information. These principles must be applied in a proper way to protect data and the stakeholders must have a clear understanding of its need. Setting up of strong security protocols is an indication that you are serious about protecting sensitive data.

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Which Is Better to Learn First – C++ or C#?

January 29, 2017

This brief overview of C++ and C# helps us get an insight into the popular programming languages in the software sector. The differences are briefly highlighted to get a simple idea of what these languages offer.

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