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Can next generation databases keep up with big data

Can Next-Generation Databases Keep Up with Big Data?

July 07, 2015

Now a days organizations are looking towards next-generation Databases for managing their massive surges of data. Do you know that NoSQL is the term given to new data base which is implemented to overcome Big Data management challenges? Take a quick look

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Release and Deployment Management

July 06, 2015

Know how an IT service is transitioned from test to production environment in the prevailing scenario. Almost every organization has change management process but very few have a defined release and deployment management. Do you know the primary objectiv

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Unlocking business value through Hadoop

July 01, 2015

In current scenario, organizations operating in complex data environment are struggling to manage Big Data. Companies are combining the analytical tools and activities with Hadoop - the distributed file system for Big Data, to extract more business value

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Six Sigma – Is the very Concept an Error?

June 30, 2015

Do you know that the term Six Sigma was coined in 1980’s! Six Sigma is defined as an essential tool for the identification and elimination of variance, which in turn helps to reduce inefficiency in the organization. Take a closer look on the article to kn

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How the internet of things (iot) is driving the future

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is driving the future

June 26, 2015

IoT is an acronym of internet of things.The IoT has the potential to connect millions of “things” to the internet. Do you know the most common use cases for the IoT? Do you know that IoT functions on more advanced techniques and how it differs from intern

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