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How to apply for CAPM Exam

Initially, you need to go through the CAPM handbook which will be provided in the PMI official site and make sure that you meet eligibility requirements.Once you are pretty confident that you are eligible to take up CAPM certification course, the next step is to fill the application form and take up the exam. CAPM application form is available in both online and printable PDF mode in PMI website ( After submission of your application, PMI takes 5 to 10 days to check your application and once your online application has been processed and determined to be complete, PMI will send you a message requesting for the payment. You can then select your examination delivery mode (computer based or paper based) and make the payment. Once payment of the credential fee has been received by PMI, it indicates your application is ready for audit process.

Apply for the CAPM Exam in the online which is available in the ( site. A printable version of the application is also available. Once you start filling the application you can save it unfinished so that you can edit the information whenever required.

When you are filling the application form you need to give four important details which include:

1) General Information: (Name, address and educational background) This is the basic information which an applicant should give while filling up the application form.

2) Document your 23 contact hours certificate in project management while filling your application. Be sure to always keep your 23 contact hours certificate with you.

3) Document each project you need to use for your experience requirement. For this section you need to be very careful and honest. Compile all the Project names, the organization for whom you did these projects. Brief the work and the main tasks which you have done.

4) Make the payment for certification exam CAPM. Always be aware that PMI verifies received applications at random (in such cases, they will inform you and audits your forum).

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