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Why Organizations adopt ITIL framework?

Business opportunities are growing tremendously. Along with the opportunities, there are so many challenges related to confidentiality, services etc. IT organisations need to be able to meet or exceed service expectations by working efficiently. Consistent and repeatable processes are key terms to improve the services effectively and efficiently.These consistent and repeatable processes are covered in the ITIL Framework. By implementing ITIL, an organisation can get clear insights on related activities.

Organisational Benefits of ITIL are:

● Improves Return on Investment(ROI) of IT

● Enhances the Capability and productivity of IT staff

● Improves the Customer satisfaction

● Implements best practices to improve IT services

● Results in better asset utilisation

● Is a paradigm to measure the performance of IT services

● It helps to enhance the delivery services

● Improves the relationship and interaction between the service providers and their customers

● Boosts the ability to coordinate the delivery of goods and services and also be able to optimise and reduce costs

● Enables the business to keep pace with change and drive business change to its advantage