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ITIL and its Origin

1. ITIL is part of best-practice publications for IT service management (ITSM)

2. ITIL provides guidance to service providers on the provision of quality IT services and on the processes, functions and other capabilities required to support them

3. ITIL is used by many organizations around the world and offers best-practice guidance to all types of organizations that provide services

4. ITIL is not a standard that has to be followed, it is a guide that should be read and understood and used to create value for the service provider and its customers

5. Organizations are encouraged to adopt ITIL best practices and to adapt them to work in their specific environments in ways that meet their needs

Qualification scheme, from ITIL Foundation to ITIL Master:

To meet the objective of a flexible scheme that allows candidates to tailor their education and certification needs, a credit system is applied to the overall Qualification Scheme. This permits the widest possible choices for candidates in their pursuit of certifications and ensures well-balanced subject matter knowledge of ITIL Service Management Practices.

To maximize flexibility, credits can be selected from a range of options. Candidates may elect to take as many or few modules as they wish to meet their individual or organizational needs, but most of them accumulate the required number of credits to gain the ITIL Expert Certification. Credits do not expire once gained and can be used at a future date and will be applied in accordance with ITIL Foundation Certification Exam Format / Pattern.