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CSI register

It is likely that several initiatives or possibilities for improvement are identified. It is recommended that a CSI register is kept to record all the improvement opportunities and that each one should be categorized into small, medium or large undertakings.

Additionally they should be categorized into initiatives that can be achieved quickly or in the medium term or longer term. Each improvement initiative should also show the benefits that will be achieved by its implementation. With this information a clear prioritized list can be produced.

One failing that has been observed is when something has been identified as a lower priority. It never makes its way higher up the list for a further consideration, thus automated raising of priorities over time may be a useful addition to the register.

The CSI register contains important information for the overall service provider and should be held and regarded as part of the service knowledge management system (SKMS).

The CSI register will introduce a structure and visibility to CSI ensuring that all initiatives are captured and recorded and benefits realized.

Additionally the benefits will be measured to show that they have given the desired results.

In forecasting the benefits of each proposed improvement we should also try to quantify the benefit in terms of aspirational key performance indicator (KPI) metrics. This will assist in prioritizing those changes that deliver the most significant incremental benefit to the business.

The CSI register provides a coordinated, consistent view of the potentially numerous improvement activities. It is important to define the interface from the CSI register of initiatives with strategic initiatives and with processes such as problem management, capacity management and change management.

In particular the service review meeting is likely to result in a number of requirements for improvement. The CSI manager should have accountability and responsibility for the production and maintenance of the CSI register.