How to create a roadmap to your dream job 

Arvind Thoopurani

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12:00 AM
23 Nov 2023

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Hi, I'm Arvind
Dedicated to guiding professionals and job seekers, my 30-year journey encompasses diverse experiences, including 10 years in the Indian Air Force, 7 years navigating the corporate maze, 2 years shaping young minds in the education sector, and 8 years of entrepreneurial adventures. Alongside this, I've served as a mentor to over 10,000+ students and authored 3 Amazon Bestselling books.
I've come to understand that experience and performance, while important, are not the sole factors for success. This realization has driven my passion for fostering a holistic approach to career development, combining expertise, attitude, and mentorship through the program Fastrack Career Blueprint.
What our learners say...

Arvind sir’s Masterclass helped me discover a way to apply for a job. Thank you, sir for the wonderful Masterclass!


Thank you sir, for the Masterclass! It helped clear my confusion about which role to apply for. Now, I have a better idea.

Vishnu Priya

I needed this session to boost my career right now, and it really helped me gain more Knowledge and confidence.


It was an excellent session! We learned a lot of new things, especially how to prepare for interviews. 


Why You Should Attend it ?
Worried about job security
Self-doubt and Lack of confidence
Not finding new oppurtunity
Confused about your career
Facing Tough Competition
Worried about job security
What You will get ?
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    Navigate career choices effectively

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    Gain self-assurance and assertiveness

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    Outperform peers with valuable skills

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    Unlock fresh career paths and prospects

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    Overcome job uncertainty with expert guidance