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Teja Gudluru

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NOV 25 11 AM

12:00 AM
23 Nov 2023

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About Teja Gudluru
One of the world's leading Career Growth Evangelist, with over 62 diverse clients, in across 45 countries. He travels across the world, helping organizations and their management teams grow. He is passionate about helping people grow exponentially in their careers. You can read more about him on his website tejagudluru.com
His TEDX talk, "Growing a B.I.T. every day" was the world's 3rd most-viewed TEDX video and India's most-viewed TEDX video for the month of Oct'22. He has trained over 30,000 people across the world. He is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and is currently pursuing a course in Growth Strategies for Businesses from Harvard. Teja Gudluru is known for his 30-second practical rituals that enhance learning, rather than long and boring frameworks.
What our learners say...

It's highly specialized, allowing me to focus on enhancing specific areas. After 14 years in a corporate organization, it helped me zoom in on what truly matters.

Anne Alias

Senior Banking Professional (Malaysia)

Career Growth Pointer session was a refreshing experience, as he didn't just discuss theories but brought them to life with practical applications, providing valuable insights.


Program Manager, Global IT Firm (India)

His personalized framework, tailored for individuals, is invaluable for career growth at any stage, making it a highly recommended option for success.


Director, Blockchain Firm (India)

Which not only identified my strengths and weaknesses but also taught me to recognize others' behavioral patterns for effective relationship building.


Manager Operations (Srilanka)

Why you should attend it ?
If you want to get better at negotiating appraisal rating
If you want to become lay-off proof
If you're struggling to identify what your Dream Job is?
Gain visibility and grow your professional network with ease
Learn to power up your career in 2 hours
If you want to attract job opportunities like a magnet
What you will get ?
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    How to get a high-paying job in your dream company

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    How to Increase your salary by 3-4 times

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    How to get the credit you deserve at work

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    How to use your natural strengths to grow your career

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    Understand why you are being ignored for promotion