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OdinSchool, a leading provider of online programs for career growth, announces 100 scholarships for women to take up job-aligned career programs in data science and full-stack development. These are 100% scholarships and are open till March 2021.

“In today’s workplace, acquiring the right skills at the right time can significantly propel one's career, and Data Science and Full Stack Development are in-demand skills right now. We encourage women to apply for this scholarship and prepare to take on exciting career opportunities in these technologies. Currently, women make up less than 30% of the workforce in new-age technologies. And we believe the industry needs more #womenintech to build stronger teams that are more innovative, diverse, and productive,” said Vijay Pasupulati, CEO and Co-founder of GreyCampus.

The career program, structured by industry experts, has a 6-month rigorous curriculum where students will be prepared for better career opportunities through live instructor-led classes, assignments, quizzes, online labs, industry projects, and mentorship. The career services is an add-on advantage for the students, where they are groomed for career opportunities and are equipped with the right tools to successfully transition to better careers. All this is delivered over an online learning platform where students learn in cohorts with dedicated support from teaching assistants. 

“Our career programs are designed and run by industry experts. The hands-on nature of the program ensures students are exposed to solving business problems. Students tend to give up when they are stuck and that’s where our personalized attention and mentorship come in to clear the roadblocks so the students can continue with confidence. Our recruiting partners value the consistent effort that gets showcased through the projects students execute throughout the program,” said Srini Vedantam, Vice President at GreyCampus.

Interested women candidates can apply on the scholarship section of the GreyCampus website. The program admission process involves an application, followed by an aptitude test and an interview. Successful scholarship candidates will get a 100% fee waiver on the career programs. 

“This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring women to accelerate their careers. Being a part-time program with convenient timings, working professionals too can participate in this program. This scholarship is worth $150,000 and there are limited scholarship seats so would encourage all eligible candidates to apply soon,” said Deb Sharma, Director at GreyCampus.

To apply for the scholarship, please visit the Women-in-Tech Scholarship Program today!


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