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There are three datatypes in Minitab:

  • Numerical Data

  • Text Data

  • Date/Time

Numerical Data:

The Numerical data is aligned to the right side of the column. This is essentially used for statistical calculations.

Text Data:

The text cannot be used for computations or calculations. If column 1 has text in it, the column's label will be changed to CIT.


Minitab Recognizes 3/5/00 as the date and 5:30 as a time, but the date and time are internally stored as numbers. The column label can be identified as date and time by mentioning D after the column name. Minitab can change Datatypes.

Minitab can do the following transformations:

  • Numeric to text

  • Text to numeric

  • Date/Time to text


  • Date/Time to numeric

  • Numeric to Date/Time

  • Text to Date/Time

To make the changes in Minitab, you need to select MANIP> CHANGE DATATYPE. Then, select the option that you want to change and fill in the dialog box then the changes can be seen How to save the data in Minitab: In Minitab, you can save data in two different formats. You can save the worksheet, or you can save the whole project. Saving the Worksheet individually is preferable rather than saving the whole project.

How to save the data in a worksheet:

  • Select File at the top and select Save current worksheet as .......

  • Use the arrow beside the save in the field.

  • In the file name field, type the name of the worksheet. while saving Minitab will automatically add an extension as MTW for the worksheet

  • Click Save